Monday, March 23, 2009

Trivia Quiz #21 Answers

1. Who was Tyrannus' mortal enemy?

Tyrannus' mortal enemy was the Mole Man:

2. Match these Marvel villains up with their respective partners in crime: The Cobra, The Masked Marauder and the Ringmaster.

The Cobra teamed on several occasions with Mr Hyde, while the Masked Marauder had a couple teamups with the Gladiator. And the Ringmaster had his Circus of Crime: The Flying Gambonos, the Human Cannonball, the Clown and Princess Python.

3. Spiderman battled two female heroines in the Silver Age, but only one female villainess. Name all three.

Well the heroines I had in mind were Medusa and the Black Widow, although Dan quite rightly noted that Spidey was involved in brief skirmishes that involved Sue Storm of the FF and the Wasp. As for the only villainess, it was the afore-mentioned Princess Python, in ASM #22.

4. When Matt Murdock was suspected by Foggy and Karen of being Daredevil, who did he claim was really the Man Without Fear?

Matt made up a twin brother named Mike Murdock, and for a couple of years Mike would periodically show up at the office (when Matt was not around of course) to flirt with Karen and tease Foggy about his weight. It is, without a doubt, one of the oddest secret identity dodges of the entire Silver Age.

5. In what comic and issue # did Johnny Romita first draw Spiderman?

JR drew Peter/Spidey in Daredevil #16, with a May 1966 cover date. He moved over to Amazing Spiderman with #39, cover dated August 1966.

Chris Johnson of I believe in Batmite got #3 and #5 right. Dan of Nashville Beat got #2-5 right; only #1 tripped him up. The Hulk did battle Tyrannus at times, but he also allied with him against the Mole Man, who was trying to keep Tyrannus away from the Fountain of Youth. Michael Rebain answered 1 & 2 right and got parts of 3 and 4.