Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nobody Loves The Hulk

I wrote about a year ago about rock songs from the 1960s and earlier featuring superheroes; here's a new one on me:

This is not the first effort at rock marketing through comics; as I noted awhile ago, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention advertised their album We're Only In It For The Money with brilliantly weird ads in Marvel Comics in 1967.

Back in the day, you'd see an ad for something like that and you'd wonder whether it was any good. Maybe you came across it three years later and didn't know if the PO Box remained valid. So you were hosed if you wanted to hear this song.

Unless, of course, you came across this 40 years later, Googled it and found a working MP3 download.

"Bruce Banner was working in his laboratory,
When he saw Rick Jones about to go up in a blaze of glory,
Well he saved the boy but what a change,
Explosion made him feel so strange,
For his molecules had been rearranged,
Into the Hulk!"