Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wonder Woman #17

Got the chance to read this Golden Ager today. Here are my observations:

The story is a long one, a three-parter concerning a woman too willing to trust her villainous fiancee. Dr Lana Curee has invented a cure for cancer, but unknown to her, it was given to a man who died. To save her from being prosecuted, her boyfriend, Carl Ambishun suggests that she sign over the right to her formula to him. Fortunately Wonder Woman intercedes by spilling ink on the contract. While Carl goes to get another copy, Etta and the Holliday Girls take Dr Curee to Mount Fate, where the Winds of Time will help her think more clearly.

The winds take them back to their previous lives (Shirley McLaine would love this) ancient Rome, and later to the Wild West. In each time period Dr Curee trusts an evil suitor and is betrayed, so when she makes it back to the present she realizes that Carl is trying to steal her formula and use it to make money.