Wednesday, April 08, 2015

My New Comics Reading Device

Report to follow soon:

Report: I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 inch from Amazon. My comments here will focus on the comics-reading experience on the tablet. The good: Just about everything. The colors are bright and sharp. The screen is back-lit, so you don't even need a light to read by; handy if you're reading in bed and your significant other wants to sleep.

The size of the page is not too far off of an original comic book especially when you account for the gutters. When you get to a two-page spread you can just turn the device sideways and the picture rotates.

The bad: The only negatives I noticed are operating system and software-related. Android ignores folders; it would be easier to navigate between issues if they showed up. On the software side, for some reason Gallery displays the last (alphabetical) picture in every folder; if it showed the first it would be much easier to figure out which comic it was.

Update: I downloaded from the Google store a free program called Perfect Viewer which solves the above two problems; it shows the folders and the files in correct order.  Not bad!