Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Coming of Nemesis

American Comics Group was a long-lived company, lasting from the Golden Age right up to the end of the Silver Age. At various times, they carried almost every comics genre--Funny Animal, Horror, Science Fiction, War, Western, Teen, Romance, etc. But oddly the one genre they'd stayed away from for almost 20 years was Superhero. That changed in the mid-60s with Adventures into the Unknown #152, February 1965, featuring the arrival of Nemesis.

Nemesis was Steve Flint, an ace private investigator. He had been fighting the Mafia, who were attempting to sabotage a moon rocket attempt. Killed by the mobsters, he convinces the Grim Reaper to send him back to Earth from "the Unknown" (which bears a striking resemblance to heaven). Being non-mortal, Nemesis can fly, has great strength, and is invulnerable to harm. Nemesis succeeds where Flint couldn't and eventually the leader of the Mafia, Goratti, dies in battle with him. However, interestingly enough, Goratti is not finished, since now he resides in "the Unknown" as well.

The series lasted for two years before finally giving up the ghost after #170. Adventures into the Unknown lasted until #174 before expiring itself along with American Comics Group.

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