Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lois Lane's Romances

As I have written before, DC's comics were in some ways ahead of Marvel's when it came to girlfriends. DC had a lot of savvy, career-oriented women as love interests. But that's only half the story; DC's gals still tended to be comedic foils for the heroes. None more so than Lois Lane, who supposedly loved Superman passionately, but was willing to dump him at the drop of a hat.

Maybe it was just the blue suit?

Any superhero will do apparently.

Or all of them:

Or even a super-villain:

Apparently Lois doesn't have a long memory:

Or has she forgotten that she used almost those exact words to express her love for Astounding Man?

She also had some exotic boyfriends:

If Supes isn't available, maybe she could steal his dad?

Update: Mark Engblom posted yesterday on Superman's many girlfriends. In Action #370, we learn that Earth had not been Kal-El's second planet; that his rocket initially landed on another world, where he did not have super powers, and where he lived, married a woman named Lasil, and had a son named Vol. Eventually, of course, he was transformed back into a toddler and sent to Earth, where only a couple of hours had passed (since time in this alternative world passed much quicker than in ours).