Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Superpower that Time Forgot?

Mark Engblom had a lot of fun with these a few years back but here's one he missed.  Apparently Superman can shrink or expand his muscles at will:

In the story, Superman is supposedly out of town and so Lois hits on the bright idea of having Clark dress up in a suit to foil some gangsters.   Incidentally, it is often mentioned that DC took Siegel & Shuster off the comics when they filed their copyright claim in 1947; this (April 1948) issue appears to be the first without their credits on the title page, and the artwork is definitely sub-standard.

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Daemodand said...

I don't know what I like better: super eating or super muscle shrinking. Superman is truly the ubermensch.

And Lois's comments seem oddly sexual. He's not big enough to fill something, she thinks.

In my estimation, modern comics have fallen far short of their golden and silver age counterparts in nearly every respect.