Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trivia Quiz #46: Answers

1. Before Doc created the six famous Metal Men (Gold, Mercury, Iron, Lead, Tin and Platinum), with what substance did he create an earlier robot?
Doc Magnus created his first robot out of Uranium. Unfortunately, it proved unstable.

2. Which of the six Metal Men listed above was created first? In the first Showcase tryout (#37), Doc was shown dancing with Tina, the platinum robot. Afterwards, he created the other five Metal Men.

3. What Metal Men opponent was created out of photo-molecular energy siphoned from the Aurora Borealis? The Sizzler, a creation of Doc's nemesis, Professor Snakelocks, had that unusual constitution.

4. Who created the recurring villains, the Gas Gang? Doc Magnus himself created them.

5. Who was the first Metal Man to "die"? As shown in that original Showcase #37 issue, Tin biffed it: In fact, all of the Metal Men "died" by the end of that issue. Of course, being robots, they were pretty easily resurrected, faulty responsometers and all.

Fraser came, he saw, and he kicked butt on this quiz, getting all five answers correct. I had hoped to stump the experts with the first question, because it did not come in the Metal Men's own mag, but in Brave & Bold #55, a team-up between the elemental robots and the Atom.


Anonymous said...

The team-up story is in the Showcase presents edition (though I already had it). I enjoyed the sibling-rivalry aspect of Uranium being determined to prove he's Doc's greatest creation by destroying the other robots.-Fraser

baab said...

i wish ihad known more than one of those answers
my first bag o comics kindly given to me by cousins,contained a couple of metal men comics....sadly gone .