Monday, June 27, 2011

Gene Colan, RIP

Another Silver Age legend falls by the wayside. Colan was best known for his long, terrific runs on Daredevil, Iron Man and Batman. I'm reposting here some of my favorite panels from various issues:

From the brief Black Widow series in Amazing Adventures. As you can see, he could draw some exceptionally beautiful women.

From My Greatest Adventure #74. Note the almost photographic quality of her face.

Note the action, and again the photographic realism of the man's face. It looks easy.

Colan created the Falcon, the first actual African-American superhero (the Black Panther doesn't count, as he was not American). Here he is in an early appearance:

His run on Iron Man was legendary:

As was his long tenure on Daredevil:


Aaron said...

His art really has an incredible sense of movement.

Stan Hosmer said...

He also had a few great stories in the Golden Age. One of my favorate Two-Fisted Tales stories was by Gene "the Dean" Colan. I was lucky enough to meet him, and he was the most gracious and accomodating person in the industry I have encountered. He ran out of time for sketches, but took names and had mailed them to the shop. He did a beautiful 8x10 headshot of the Black Widow for me that I will treasure always.

Anonymous said...

I remember a sequence in Dr. Strange which starts on a rain-swept street, then slowly pans to a grate, then down into the sewers where the villains are lurking. Awesomely effective.