Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Trivia Quiz #44: Famous First Words

Pretty obvious format here: I give you the first words of the character, you have to name him or her.  Note: I am excluding cover and splash page statements here:

1. "I've found it!  The legendary city of Caramanga!"

2. "Well, here goes experiment #145!"

3. "Lead never hurt a wooden leg!"

4. "It is the first time I have found it necessary to give the signal!"

5. "Huh?  What?  Go 'way!  I wanna sleep! Lemme be!"

(Update: Corrected the quote on #5 per commenter Boosterrific)


Scipio said...


1. "I've found it! The legendary city of Caramanga!"

Adam Strange, pillaging a native culture near you!

2. "Well, here goes experiment #145!"

Perhaps... Dr. Erdel?

3. "Lead never hurt a wooden leg!"

Gotta be Captain Storm.

4. "It is the first time I have found it necessary to give the signal!"

Huh. Enemy Ace?

5. "Huh? What? Go 'way! Let me sleep!"

Archie? Lazy slacker.

Anonymous said...

1. Adam Strange

2. Ray Palmer

3. Captain Storm [reasonable guess]

4, 5. ???

Anonymous said...

The verification word for my previous post was "porno." --Jim

Joplin John said...

I'm stumped, but isn't #4 from the first issue of Fantastic Four?

Lou Mougin said...

1. Adam Strange, as others have indicated.
2. No idea. Ray Palmer, the Atom?
3. Captain Storm.
4. Mr. Fantastic.
5. Sub-Mariner.

Boosterrific said...

RE: #5. In my ESSENTIAL FF VOL 1 (also containing the answer to #4), Sub-Mariner says in his first 2 word balloons: "Huh?? What--? Go 'way... I wanna sleep! Lemme be!" But that's not really the first published words of the character, is it? I mean, Johnny Storm was reading a comic book about the Sub-Mariner on the preceding page where it is implied that the Sub-Mariner character is the same as existed in the Golden Age. So wouldn't his "first words" be in 1939's MOTION PICTURES FUNNIES? (Granted, this is a blog about the Silver Age, and those are inarguably Namor's first Silver Age words, but still, you did say "the first words of the character." I'm not intentionally trolling, honest.)

Ed said...

#3 Must be Captain Storm. The others don't ring a bell, I'm afraid.

Good idea for the quiz, Pat!

Mr. Miller said...

1 Adam Strange
3 Captain Storm
4 Reed Richards
5 Sub Mariner

Michael Rebain said...

My guesses would be Adam Strange for #1 and Captain Storm for #3.