Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blogroll Surfing

Dial B for Blog has a terrific post on The Final Chapter from Amazing Spiderman #33, frequently cited as one of the highlights of the Silver Age. My post on that issue is here.

Booksteve's Library has a post about Green Arrow and the Red Feather Kid. I believe that the Community Chest mentioned in that ad is probably the forerunner of today's United Way. Of course these days Community Chest is only mentioned when playing Monopoly.

Speaking of Community Chest, Phantom Lady seems to have one in this post over at the new digs of the Fortress of Fortitude.

Four Color Media Monitor has a long and thoughtful post on Captain Anti-America (as he should have been known circa 2003). I don't engage in a lot of serious commentary over here, but one of the reasons I focus on Silver Age comics is that it's the last era where superheroes were heroes, not alcoholics and wife-beaters and Chomskyites.

Some cheesecake from the 1970s over at The Legion of Superheroes Blog.

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