Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Elsewhere in the Comics Sphere

Jacque Nodell gave a paper at a convention on pop culture, about the romantic era (roughly 1968-72) of Lois Lane, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. Her paper is extremely well-written and worth the read. The main thing I didn't enjoy about that era was that the female protagonists tended to fall in love with rotters, as I discussed in a post on the Diana Prince, secret agent era.

Commander Benson's Deck Log is a terrific blog mostly covering the same era I do, with long detailed posts, and excellent insight into the Silver Age. He has an amusing piece on Mon-El's vulnerability to lead "radiation". I also like this post on the "relevance" era at the Teen Titans.

Gold Key Comics has also been added to the blogroll; I'm a little embarrassed about not having it there before, as I've had Mykal's Star-Studded War Comics listed for a couple of months. How did I miss this one? It's a solid blog with complete stories; check out this posting of Magnus, Robot Fighter #7. Mmmmm, that Russ Manning art is a real treat!

The Legion Omnicon has the complete story of Arm-Fall-Off Boy, perhaps the lad with the most useless super-power of all time.

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