Friday, April 02, 2010

Trivia Quiz #39: The Joker. Tee Shirt Prize!

The kind folks at Nerdy Shirts have offered to give the winner of this trivia quiz a tee shirt featuring the Costumed Crime Clown. Because of the prize, this post will not allow comments; send me your answers via email. The contest will end at 11:59 PM on Tuesday. Note: Some of these questions involve the Golden Age Joker as well as the Silver Age version.

#1. What color was the Joker's suit?

#2. Who was the son of the Joker?

#3. What crime boss willed his fortune to the Joker?

#4. It is well-known that the Joker appeared in a story in the Golden Age which also featured the Catwoman, and another story where he teamed up with the Penguin. Who was the next super-villain to team-up with the Joker?

5. Who was Gotham City's police commissioner in the 21st century?

6. How did the Joker get his distinctive appearance?

7. Was there a Bizarro Joker?

8. Who was the Joker's diminutive sidekick in the Silver Age?