Monday, December 14, 2009

Hot Links

The Big Blog of Kids' Comics is new to my blogroll, and is, as advertised, a big blog of kids' comics featuring complete stories, with a current seasonal focus on Christmas stories. Worth the trip!

I don't know how to describe Yesterday's Papers, but it's a fascinating blog to read. It's mostly a blog about old-time comic strips, with a focus on the artists. Absolutely fascinating reading, and you'll get exposed to a lot of terrific strips from the past.

Aaron Bias has a terrific post on the difference between the Golden and Silver Age and all the comics that have come since. Key point:

The first crop of comic book creators had never read a comic book when they started.

Definitely a thoughtful argument.

Over at Nothing But Batman, I've put up a longish post on the Batman time travel stories with Professor Carter Nichols. Hope you like it!

Superman Fan has an entertaining review of Superman #198, which featured an interesting story about "the real Clark Kent". In the tale, Superman had only come to Earth a few years earlier, and had taken over the identity of Clark, imprisoning the genuine article in a cage. This recalls to mind the original origin of Wonder Woman's Diana Prince identity, where Wondy actually paid off a gal to let her be Diana.