Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Trivia Quiz #37: Answers

1. Why is this happening?

c. It's actually a Bizarro Supergirl.

2. Why is this happening?

b. It's an effect caused by a comet

3. Why is this happening?

b. It's a plot to increase the Daily Planet's circulation
d. It's an effort to save Superman's secret identity

Yep, this is a trick question. Lois had printed up a gag copy of the Daily Planet with the news that Clark was Superman, but through an accident the entire press run got printed that way. Clark decided this would be a good way to scotch the rumors that he was Superman and convinced Perry this was an opportunity to increase circulation.

4. Why is this happening?

c. It's an effect of Red Kryptonite
d. It's a scheme by a saboteur

Another trick question. The Red K was planted by a saboteur, who knew that Superman would become susceptible to suggestions under its influence, and so he had Supes pretend to dance uncontrollably, so he could enter a naval installation to destroy a new ship.

5. Why is this happening?

c. It's a plot to fool some crooks

Jim got #1 and #3 correct, and was the only one to realize that some questions had more than one answer. Tom O got #1, #2 and #5 correct and gets half credit for #3. Daniel scores with #5 and gets half a point for #4. Ed O'Toole gets full marks for #5, and half credit for #3 and #4. Great job, everybody!