Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giant Green Ring Things Part III

Picking up with issue #4, we encounter our first repeat Green Ring Thing, a Giant Net:

As with the first net it's marginal to call it giant, and given that it doesn't work, it only gets one Star Sapphire out of five possible.

The next Green Ring Thing is a stethoscope:

The text describes it as huge, but does it qualify as giant? Ah, well, I can't resist the opportunity to add a Giant Green Stethoscope to the list. Two Star Sapphires.

Green Ring Thing #18 is a giant hand:

Pretty dull, though, so we'll only give it the minimum one Star Sapphire.

Next up is a Green Ring Thing Shield:

Not giant.

A Green Tidal Wave is GRT #20:

Tempting, very tempting, but that does not look like an oversized tidal wave to me.

Giant Green Hands for #21:

What to call Green Ring Thing #22?

It's kind of like a net, kind of like one of those old-fashioned shopping bags that ladies used to bring to the supermarket with them. And so that's what we'll call it, and as it is giant and retro, we'll give it three Star Sapphires.

GL #5 features the first Green Ring Thing not created by Green Lantern:

A spear, but not a giant spear.

GL responds with GRT #24:

A shield, but not a giant shield. And in the next panel:

Giant Green Hands arm-wrestling? Four Star Sapphires.

Green Ring Thing #26 is a dam:

But not a giant dam.

The Giant Broom sweeps clean:

Three Star Sapphires.

Green Ring Thing #28 is rather unusual:

I'm not sure why GL would only be able to do this on a planet with a "super-magnetic field"; presumably Schwartz was looking to make sure his writers didn't overdo this particular trick.

Running Tally:

Giant Green Net: 2
Giant Green Bird: 1
Giant Green Springs: 1
Giant Green Test Tube: 1
Giant Green Ice Tongs: 1
Giant Green Hand(s): 4
Giant Lock Wrench: 1
Giant Green Umbrella: 1
Giant Green Chiller Diller Menace: 1
Giant Green Stethoscope: 1
Giant Green Old-Fashioned Shopping Bag: 1
Giant Green Broom: 1

The hands move out into the lead, but still no sign of the Giant Green Boxing Glove!