Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ideas for Future Posts

I've got a bunch I'll run through eventually, but I'm always up for suggestions. Some stuff that I'll likely post before long:

1. Barry Allen's decision to reveal his secret identity to his wife, as played out in Flash 165-?

2. The Lady Blackhawk as Queen Killer Shark series. Blackhawk's girlfriend turns evil.

3. Dr Strange--the Ditko years.

4. Spiderman #28-38.

5. The Time Trapper series in Legion of Super Heroes.

Feel free to suggest topics in the comments. I prefer something that stretches out over a few issues to single-story reviews. I'm also looking for off-beat topics, like posts on letter columns, fillers, bulletins, ads, etc.

Also, this doesn't have to be solely about superheroes; I like lots of different varieties of comics. At times I'm constrained by the limitations of what has been scanned (or my own collection), but fortunately, a lot has been scanned.

A note on posting frequency: I'll try to get a post up every day, but at times that's not possible, what with having to read several comics, then composing the post. Please consider visiting the blogs on the right sidebar when you don't find new content here.


Anonymous said...

1. Zatanna's Quest 2. The Outsider saga. 3. Nightwing and Flamebird 4.Blockbuster (DC's Hulk)

Anonymous said...

World's Finest #136 and #148. Both issues involve Superman and/or Batman visiting a parallel universe other than Earth-2, Earth-3, etc. The former takes place in a world where Batman doesn't exist, Robin is Superman's sidekick, and the Joker is a TV comedian. The latter is in a world where Superman and Batman are criminals and Luthor and Clayface are good guys.

Anonymous said...

The Inferior Five, Plastic Man, Fox and Crow, Stanley and his Monster.

Anonymous said...

Kirby's Fourth World series: New Gods, Forever People, Mister Miracle, and Jimmy Olsen.