Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The Beat Down has a tribute to one of the most unique villains of the Silver Age, the Composite Superman.

A nice (and timely) Captain America tribute to the first responders of 9-11 over at Bob Mitchell in the 21st Century.

Who is Galexo? Well, he's the guy who replaced Batman in the Batman comic strip back in the 1970s. And if that's as much a surprise to you as it is to me, surf over to Booksteve's and check him out.

Cartoon Snap has a longish post on the artwork of Jimmy Thompson on the Golden Age Robotman stories. Robotman was a terrific feature during the Thompson run and the post includes the complete Robotman story from Star Spangled #26.

While we're on the topic of complete stories, The Comics Bin has part 7 of the famous "Monster Society of Evil" story from Captain Marvel Adventures, which for many, many years was the longest continuing superhero story. This installment features the Nazis and Herr Hitler himself.

Still no more updates at Comic Coverage, but Mark has organized his three years of posts by topic, so you can surf through all the Monkey Business posts, for example. If you're like me, kicking yourself because you didn't go through all of Dial B for Blog before it disappeared, don't miss this opportunity!

H at the Comic Treadmill indexes the giant props of four more issues of Batman (134-137) and uncovers 10 more examples of the giant prop era.

Comics of Rhodey has a interesting post on the signature stylizations of five comics artists. It's a neat topic, and certainly nobody would disagree with his Gil Kane pick.

Tom O of Random Longbox was not finished with Superman #215 (I linked the first part last week as part of my post on Superman #175). He covers the backup story, a reprint of Superman's First Exploit. I agree with him, this is one of the best Superman stories off all time. In fact, it was, I believe, the very first story DC ever reprinted, as it was the leadoff tale in Superman Annual #1.

Sequential Crush continues her series on Marc, DC's advice for the lovelorn columnist you love to hate.

Whew! That's a lotta links! Who says this isn't the golden age of comics blogdom?