Monday, August 24, 2009

Blogroll Roundup

Mark Engblom has decided to call it quits for now over at Comic Coverage. I'm disappointed that so many great comics blogs have bit the dust in 2009: Dial B for Blog, the Fortress Keeper and now Comic Coverage. I'm biased, but in all honesty Mark's blog was better than Silver Age Comics.

Jacque Nodell reviews a Silver Age romance comic from Marvel: Patsy Walker #122. I love this observation:

Some may not consider Patsy Walker a romance comic, but it seems to have all the necessary requirements -- fashion, romance, and tears!

The third item being perhaps the most crucial ingredient.

Scipio is one of the best writers among comics bloggers, and this old post on the difference between Marvel and DC from 2005 is a prime example of his writing and thinking:

DC's message? You are responsible for protecting and improving yourself and society, so toughen up for that responsiblity.

Marvel's message? You better be tough, because you're going to have to suffer many things in this world that you're not responsible for and can't improve.

Both messages are completely true, of course, which is why each company does speak effectively to so many people. But, in my eyes, DC's message is designed to inspire and Marvel's message is designed to console.

Again with the Comics reviews a Mr Muscles issue from 1956.

Then it turns out that the wicked Zoo Keeper was just jealous of Mr. Muscles! He was all skinny, and Mr.Muscles was all strong, and it just made him want to turn tigers loose on one guy and try to shoot another guy!

Hey, it could happen to anybody.

Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogazine covers the War Wheel, one of the wackier inventions of the Blackhawk villains. Anybody remember the Flying Tank?

Joe Bloke has a terrific vampire story from Creepy #14 by Archie Goodwin and Neal Adams. ExCellent twist ending!