Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trivia Quiz #31: Answers

1. True or False: All major comic publishers submitted their comics to the CCA for its approval and seal during most of the Silver Age.

False. Dell, Gold Key and Classics Illustrated were among the larger publishers to ignore the CCA.

2. Name three DC features of the Silver Age (aside from annuals) to debut in their own books with a #1 issue instead of having a tryout.

There may be others, but the three I had in mind were Pat Boone, Captain Storm and Secret Six. Others mentioned in the comments that were right are: Dobie Gillis, Swing with Scooter, Brother Power the Geek and Bomba the Jungle Boy. Ones that are wrong and their tryout issues are: Metal Men (Showcase #37-40), Teen Titans (Brave & Bold #54, Showcase #59), Creeper (Showcase #73) and Aquaman (Showcase #30-33)

3. What was the first DC title of the Silver Age to have a letters column?

Well, every now and then I get surprised by an answer from a commenter. Osgood Peabody noted that Sugar and Spike had a letters column from near its inception, and when I checked, he turned out to be right. The answer I had in mind was Superman, which got its letter page with #124 (September 1958), but now we know that's wrong.

4. What was the original title of the Captain America letters page?

Let's Yap with Cap was the title before Marvel got hip and changed it to Let's Rap with Cap.

5. What DC title called its letters page "Destination Infinity"?

Rip Hunter, Time Master.

Thelonius Nick got #1 right. Osgood Peabody gets #2 and #3 right, with extra credit for outsmarting the quiz-maker. JJ got #4 right. MW Gallagher got #1. Ed O'Toole got #1, #2, #3 and #5.