Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Request I Can't Ignore

A reader writes in the comments that he's searching for a particular story that he remembers from his youth:

What I do remember is that the cyborgs were depicted as green and faceless - looking remarkably like the Mad Thinker's android of Fantastic Four 71 (vol. 1 - old comic). That's the clearest memory of the comic - showing the faceless green cyborgs being mass produced. That's something I'm reasonably definite about.

Sound familiar to anybody? He's got more details at the blog.

I should mention here that I too am looking for a couple of issues from my youth. One is a Fox & Crow story in which the Crow slips a letter under Fauntleroy's door. Because the Crow's hand (sic) was muddy, the Fox believes he has gotten a "Black Hand" letter. The second is a Baby Huey story, in which Papa is looking for a 16-letter word meaning "Ringing in the ears". The answer, which Baby Huey quickly provides, is tintinnabulation. Both are 1960s stories; my guess on the Baby Huey would be about 1963-64, while the Fox & Crow story is probably closer to 1967.